Loading Test on the Surface of Concrete Slabs Cast on Senii-Rigid Base Course

Paper by JIANG from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

In China, the semi-rigid base materials, with relatively higher strength and modulus, have been widely used in the construction of high-grade roads in the recent decades. However, present specification' for structure design of concrete pavement is based on the results of tests made on the more flexible roadbase. According to it, the enhancement of roadbase rigidity has almost no effect on the decrease of load-carrying stress and thickness of concrete slab. The benefit of using semi-rigid base materials with good quality can not be reflected. Moreover, the fatigue equation in the specification is obtained from the beam tests, and it can not represent the working situation of concrete slabs on the scmi-rigid base. In this paper, lab tests of static and repetitive loading at corners and edges of the 9 concrete slabs cast on the semi-rigid base are performed. The loading feature of concrete slab on the semi-rigid base is pointed out, and a relevant fatigue equation is given.

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