Judgment of Compaction Degree of Rccp by Using Acceleration Waves on Vibrating Roller and Influence of Subgrade Bearing Capacity on It

Paper by KOKUBUN KAGAYA TOKUDA from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

The acceleration wave of the vibrating compactor under work is disturbed from the sine wave. In this research, the disturbance of acceleration wave was defined as degree of disturbance WD, the relation between compacting time, hearing capacity of ground, consistency of concrete, compaction degree of concrete, strength of concrete and WD were examined. As a result, it has been understood that WD is decreased as the compaction degree and the strength of the concrete is increased when the bearing capacity of the ground is constant, and the decreasing tendency of WD has grown as the bearing capacity of the ground is increased. Moreover, when the compaction degree of concrete is made constant, it has been clearly shown that WD in the laboratory and the site experiments are plotted on a same smooth curve that is increased as the bearing capacity of the ground is increased. Therefor, the following conclusion is obtained from the result. The degree of disturbance WD becomes an indicator, which shows the p1-ogress of compaction degree, and adequate construction work of RCCP can he carried out by monitoring WD.

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