Joints Design in Rigid Pavement Octagonal Slabs Linked with Square Slabs

Paper by SARAGUSTI from ISCR 11th 2010 Seville Spain

This paper describes a new joint, in rigid pavement , employing octagonal slabs who link with square slabs, the angle between the sides of the octagonal slabs, have at each corner , 135 degrees. in any corner of this octagon, between the edges of the pavement. The square slab who linked, must have angles of 90 degrees in their vertexes. This paper is based on the one titled ´´ NEW JOINTS IN RIGID PAVEMENT - HIGHWAY AND AIRPORT´´, of the 8th International Symposium on concrete roads , Lisbon , Portugal.(2) The mathematical demonstration in that paper, concluded that the tensile stress in the corners of the hexagonal slabs is 42,3 % less than those of square slabs. This new design involves the construction of octagonal slabs who are link with square slabs, This new design have a notable reduction of the tensile stress in the octagonal slabs against the squares slabs, of the traditional rigid pavements. The edges, of the pavement where the meetings of the joints, are of 90ª, they should be protected by cords, to avoid that the wheels circulate on them. The reduction of the alone thickness is been worth with the mentioned demand. This new design, is mostly been worth for urban pavements.

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