Investigation of Maintenance Needs For In-Service Concrete Pavements

Paper by GROB VAN LEEST from ISCR 9th 2004 Instanbul Turkey

Given the large number of concrete pavements that have performed well over time and lived up to prior expectations, as well as the knowledge that is now available regarding the reasons for failure in certain concrete constructions, it should be possible to carry out an evaluation of these pavement types. This assumption by a CROW study group resulted in an investigation of maintenance regimes at various road authorities. This evaluation was based on a representative cross-section of all types of concrete pavement structures in the Netherlands, i.e. motorways, county and municipal roads and farm tracks. The results of this investigation revealed whether the intended life expectancy was attained, as well as providing a clearer picture of the low maintenance requirements of concrete roads and the effectiveness of maintenance and repairs. Moreover, the results can be used in a decision-supporting model for pavement types. Such a model requires information about the construction of the road as well as the maintenance regime in order to calculate the lifespan costs of concrete roads. This paper describes the experiences gained during the investigation, as well as the information regarding in-service concrete pavements that has been obtained.

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