Innovative Concepts for Concrete Roads Further Development of the Construction

Paper by REMARQUE BOLLMANN LYHS from ISCR 12th 2014 Prague Czech Republic

Our modern world is characterised by traffic, the traffic of goods and/or information. Both will increase in the near future. Further there will be a strong increase in communication technology which will influence the individual traffic as well. At the same time all kinds of emissions caused either by the construction of the roads (as CO2 emissions) or by the traffic (as noise) have permanently to be decreased. There are some developments concerning noise reducing pavements but actual with a too short service life time. Therefore it will be necessary to divide the future road construction into two parts, one load bearing layer and one top layer. Next to a huge research program from the German government concerning the vision for the German roads in the 21st century, CEMEX started programs for the further development of new road models, with a load bearing layer and a top layer. Further the new road concept works with concrete which causes less CO2-emissions during erection of the road compared to concretes based on CEM I which are usual used for road constructions.

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