Influence of Temperature During Curing on Stresses in Concrete Pavements

Paper by SPRINGENSCHMID HILLER from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

In concrete pavement placed during hot weather unfavourable Lelilpelatuies Lall causc high stresses and therefore the formation of cracks. In pavements which are placed in the morning of a hot summer day, after a few hours very high temperatures at the surface and still low temperatures at the bottom of the concrete can be measured. These temperatures lead to a corresponding temperature gradient in the concrete during its hardening. In the first night after concreting cooling of the pavement causes deformations or/and stresses which favour the formations of cracks. Investigations show different developments of temperature depending on the curing procedure. If a transparent foil covers the concrete to prevent drying, the surface temperature of the concrete can become very high. On the other hand, covering the young concrete with a moist burlap has a positive effect on temperature development resulting in low lemperalule sLiesses iii the concrctc.

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