Industry Training for Concrete Paving Crews in Australia | The “Grey Card” Course

Paper by HODGKINSON from ISCP Conference 2021

In addition to advances in materials and construction equipment there is a continuing need to ensure adequate skills are available within paving crews. Since 2006 concrete pavement crews and their supervisors in Australia have been required to undertake a mandatory one-day course. Known in industry as the “Grey Card” course it was developed jointly by Transport for New South Wales (formerly Roads and Maritime Services) and industry mainly for highway and similar classification roads. It demonstrates a commitment from both sectors to relevant training. As at January 2021 over 200 courses and 4,100 participants have been completed in four States and the Australian Capital Territory. Successful participants are issued with a card that is recognised throughout industry irrespective of changes in their employer. The course is presented by instructors accredited by RMS and drawn from industry professionals who have demonstrated considerable construction experience. There is no other course of this type in Australia. The course has the primary objective of consistently high quality construction. Based on agency Specifications the course sets out the reasons for various construction requirements and site practices necessary to achieve them at paving crew level. Sessions include the basics of making good concrete, setting forms reinforcement and dowels, placing paving and compaction, surface finishing and texturing, curing and protection. This paper sets out the development and presentations of the courses.

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