Increase of Safety of Concrete Pavements Bright Concrete Pavements with Dark Aggregates

Paper by KRISPEL from ISCR 10th 2006 Brussels Belgium

The brightness of concrete pavements is, next to a multitude further, an essential advantage of this method of building vis-à-vis bituminous pavements, because brighter street surfaces affect positively the safety of the road users. Bright concrete surfaces provide above all an increase of safety in rain and in darkness (especially in tunnels). Furthermore is the difference in brightness of both furthest common street pavements – concrete and asphalt respectively - not only special for the road users, but rather also for the general public an essential factor, because by the efficient utilization of light surfaces energy costs can be saved and accordingly the expenses of the state, which is in the predominant majority of the cases the operator and/or upholder of infrastructure, can be minimized. This represents in times of costs consciousness and cuts in spending a significant argument. The positive effect of bright concrete surfaces could be reached now also for the use of dark aggregates by optimization of the concrete mix and due to this a pleasing and economic solution for all participants could be found.

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