Increase of Safety of Concrete Pavements Bright Concrete Pavements with Dark Aggregates #2

Paper by KRISPEL from ISCR 11th 2010 Seville Spain

The method of constructing bright concrete Pavements with dark aggregates presents a variety of advantages; an essential benefit is the brightness of concrete pavements compared to bituminous pavements, because brighter street surfaces affect positively the safety of the road users. Above all, bright concrete surfaces provide an increase in safety in rain and in darkness (especially in tunnels). Furthermore the difference in brightness of the two most commonly used street pavements – concrete and asphalt respectively – is not only important for the road users, but also an essential factor for the general public. With an efficient application of bright surfaces energy costs can be reduced and accordingly the expenses of the state, which is predominantly also the operator and/or upholder of infrastructure, can be minimized. This is a significant argument in times of cost consciousness and cuts in spending. New research shows that the positive effect of bright concrete surfaces can also be reached while using dark aggregates through the optimization of the concrete mix. The developed method provides a attractive and economic solution for all participants.

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