In-situ Architectural Concrete and Pre-Dosed Micro-Concrete for Wear Thin Layer Pavements in Urban Areas Diogo Menezes Square as an Example of Environmental Renovation

Paper by GAGO from ISCR 12th 2014 Prague Czech Republic

In this communication the development of non traditional-solutions for pavement surfaces will be assessed, by the use of colored pre-dosed micro-concrete or in situ concrete in thin layers of high performance architectural applications for urban, pedestrian, cycling and roads. This assessment will be focused on frequently technical constructive barriers inherent to the pavement prescription of these solutions, on their performance and on their social, economic and environmental added value, when comparing with traditional and conventional solutions. At the end, a detailed example of a work where such solutions were applied will be described - “Diogo Menezes Square” at Cascais Citadel, Lisbon, Portugal, outlining the architectural purposes and demands in terms of durability and environmental context, and all the inherent laboratory work and project specifications that were prescribed and executed.

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