Imprinted Concrete Installations in Brussels

Paper by DEMUNTER DE POORTER from ISCR 9th 2004 Instanbul Turkey

Over the past years, consideration was given to the damage some streets were exhibiting which had been constructed from porphyre cobblestones paving or concrete block paving. The director of the street accomodation for the region of Brussels took the decision to replace those damaged areas with an Imprinted Concrete Paving System. The well known Luxemburg Street, located next to the E.E.C. buildings in the centre of Brussels, has been renewed and open for traffic since September 2000, with an Imprinted Concrete Paving System. Roundabouts used for heavy traffic and previously constructed from porphyre cobblestones paving, are now also installed with an Imprinted Concrete Paving System. To slow down the speed on some important main roads of Brussels, traffic plateaus are installed particularly in the neighbourhood of schools and other public areas. The access to the plateau is constructed with prefabricated chamferred concrete elements. Originally those plateaus were made of concrete block paving or of porphyre cobblestones paving. People were then trying to find a solution for a solid and permanant paving system that could be installed quickly and easily to avoid stopping the traffic for long periods of time. The choice was finally made on 4 m² printed prefabricated steel reinforced concrete plates that are a fast, easy, convenient, aesthetic and colourful paving system which guarantees beauty and resistance for a long period of time.

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