Implementation Aspects of the Steenokkerzeel Bypass Road

Paper by LONNEUX VUNDELINCKX VAN AUDENHOVE from ISCR 10th 2006 Brussels Belgium

Early in 2005 the “Steenokkerzeel bypass road” was opened for traffic. This road forms a type of ring road around Steenokkerzeel centre. This new road was linked to the centre via roundabouts in two places. The bypass road as well as both roundabouts were laid in continuously reinforced concrete, the actual passage in concrete slabs. In addition to the bypass road, among others, the Haachtsesteenweg (N21) crossing was completely reorganised. As both the bypass road and the actual crossing were laid in concrete, a detailed joint patttern was developed in advance. Tie bars, dowels and supplementary steel reinforcements were indicated on the joint pattern. The article describes the choices made for the joint pattern, the anchorings between various sections and several technical implementation aspects.

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