High Strength Aggregate Rich Concrete For Pavements

Paper by BAGER from ISCR 6th 1990

During the last decades the use of Roller Compac-ted Concrete for pavements has increased worldwide. A concrete pavement of significant higherquality than typical Roller Compacted Concretehas been developed at Aalborg Portland. The con-creteisplaced and fullycompacted with an asphaltpaver, mounted with a heavy high-compactionscreed. No rollers have to be used. In addition tocement also fly ash and microsilica are used in theconcrete mix design.Even with a cement content as low as 200 kg/rn"the concrete obtains 28days compressive strengthsof at least 75MPa and tensile strengths of appro-ximately 7 MPa. Furthermore the concrete is re-sistant to freeze/thaw/deicing salts in spite of thefact that it is not air entrained. One further ad-vantage of this concrete isthat it isvery retarded.For this reason the concrete can be used severalhours after mixing without loosing any of its pro-perties.

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