High Performance Porous Concrete for Road Traffic

Paper by WITOSZEK RODRIGUEZ BOLLATI from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

This report details the construction of a 300 m long experimental section of road for heavy traffic in Villamayor, Salamanca, Spain, using "high performance porous concrete" (HPPC). HPPC is made with the same materials as conventional compact concrete (Ccc), i.e. cement (two types have been used for this project), coarse and fine aggregates (siliceous), water and admixtures (superplasticier and retarder), but using different grain sizes and/or mix design. Initially the materials chosen were analysed in the laboratory to check their suitability for the preparation of HPPC. All of them were found to be acceptable. In second place, the optimum mix was obtained in the laboratory using ultrasonic energy, among other techniques. Its physical and mechanical strength - flexural, direct tensile and compressive - and interconnected porosity properties were also determined. Following this, IIPPC was manufactuied usilig a eoiiveiilioiial ieady iiiix ccc plant. Finally, the experimental road section was laid using HPPC, and the results so far have been excellent.

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