Heavy-Duty Pavement – Design Methodology and Concrete Jointing Principles : Jamie Quintal

Jamie has a variety of experience and a growing technical knowledge base in the road pavements discipline. Jamie is continually developing expertise and collecting key experience in the areas of flexible pavement design, rigid pavement design, and pavement geotechnical investigations in addition to his previous experience. Jamie’s previous experience includes the condition assessment and rehabilitation of existing pavements as well as the management and analysis of asset condition data.


  • Heavy-duty industrial pavements considered high-risk due to large proportion of post-construction pavement failures.
  • Typically, motivation of minimizing project costs guides industrial heavy-duty projects towards designers and contractors with little or no heavy-duty pavement experience.
  • Carefully consider the adopted design approaches and methodologies to ensure they are suitable.
  • Carefully consider construction elements such as site geometry, material procurement, staging, constructability, and the ongoing financial and operational impacts on the future of the site.

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