Guidelines for Concrete Roundabouts in the Netherlands

Paper by KRAMER JURRIAANS from ISCR 12th 2014 Prague Czech Republic

Due to the durability advantages of concrete pavements, the application of concrete for roundabouts is gaining more and more popularity among commissioning authorities. In the Netherlands it is estimated that there are over 3,000 roundabouts. The market share of concrete is still growing. Concrete roundabouts can only be durable when attention has been devoted to design and execution and the right choices are made for the right situation. For that reason a guideline for concrete roundabouts has been drawn up: ‘Concrete Roundabouts – just a bit different’. This paper will deal with the design aspect of different types of roundabouts and explain the points of attention for execution in doweled concrete, fibremix concrete and continuously reinforced concrete (CRCP) with special attention for optimisation of crack width control. Furthermore, the ways of execution will be explained, including kerbs, etc.

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