Guidance to Quality Management of Road Construction

Paper by BARBÉ DONNEAUX from ISCR 10th 2006 Brussels Belgium

The purpose of this article is to provide the administration and the designers with an effective, workable flow-chart so that the quality of the road is priority number one and that the execution problems are manageable. Based on the experience during most recent jobs COPRO observed interesting evolutions and missing links and decided to summarise these observations. This 'Flow Chart' has the advantage of drawing the attention to each different step in the right order. The benefits for all concerned actors is saving a lot of time at the set-up and focusing on quality right from the start. A flow chart The scheme is worked-out in detail. Every step of the flowchart, from the design to the execution, is describe briefly for the concerned party. The most important steps are: • Risk analysis : It is important to set up precautionary measures. This is the real basis of the 'Quality plan'. • Design control plan : Both the Contractor and the Principal have to provide a 'Quality Plan' geared to one another: a 'Project Quality Plan' defined by the contractor and a 'Control plan' elaborated by the principal and his partners. • Execution : Contractor is executing the job and uses the 'Project Quality Plan" as a guide for his auto-control. The Principal and his team are auditing the job based on the 'Control plan'.

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