Grated Drain by the Slip Form Method

Paper by BOERE from ASCP 6th 2021 Online

Over the past 12 years JK Williams Contracting Pty Ltd (JKW) have been slip forming kerbs and guttering, F type barriers, CRCP and residential concrete path paving across Greater Sydney developments. Over the period, we became very aware of a demand for lengthy ‘ACO’ style grated drains, something which emerged during tender discussions on some of the tier one projects in Western Sydney. In response, JKW successfully developed a method to slip form these drains as opposed to the more traditional form and pour method. This presentation will outline the various forms trialled using different proprietary systems to eventually finalise and agree upon the concept / design that would see a galvanised trench frame be holistically slip formed on a construction site in the single pour, increasing both daily productivity and the quality of the works. The case project being the Northern Road Stage 3 Upgrade with Acciona (formerly Lendlease Engineering), was used for an initial ‘permanent’ trial and is included in the presentation slides. The method to slipform grated drain had not ever been attempted previously.

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