Grand Avenue Camellia – Parramatta Citys Latest Concrete Road (March 1977)

CCA Road Note 02 by Cement and Concrete Association

We favour the finish-and-forget concrete pavement where it can be economically justified , said Parramatta Council‘s Chief Engineer, Mr. Fred Smale. Parramatta Council has now been using concrete pavements long enough to know that, in the long term, they save money. Not onIy does Council save on maintenance, but road users suffer less traffic hold ups due to repairs, and the likelihood of injury to maintenance crews working in heavily trafficked areas is reduced. Since the mid-1950‘s, the Council has completed about 20 majo r concrete roads, mainly in industrial and commercial areas. Mr. Smale said ’finance for concrete roads is made possible in part by Council applying a levy to an industrial area or commercial area local rate. The provision of a local rate provides specific needs for specific areas and in the case of concrete roads in the industrial areas, the rate can be eliminated once the concrete road assets are established“.

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