Fundamental Study on Bonded Ultrathin Whitetopping

Paper by NODA KONG KASAHARA from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

Ultra thin white topping is a rehabilitation technique in which thin concrete overlay is placed on asphalt pavement in distress, and this work technique has been under research in Europe, USA and other countries. In this study, a small model experiment was conducted to see its applicability to the roads of Japan. Through this experiment, properties of the interface between concrete slab and existing asphalt pavement were examined. In addition, fundamental research was performed mainly about structural characteristics of such pavement in the case where it is exposed to the actual temperature environment. We made clear: (1)the temperature characteristics of the thin concrete slab (8 or 9 cm thick) and existing underlying asphalt concrete layer; (2)the influence the temperature difference in the concrete slab and the temperature of the existing asphalt concrete layer have on the relationship between shear stress and shear strength of the interface; and (3)critical points in the pavement structure.

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