Foundation Materials – Cement – Stabilised Quarry Sand

Paper by DEBROUX JASIENSKI PLOYAERL from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

When crushing stones of different calibres, quarries produce a large amount of sand, referred to as crushed sand. This material is often considered as a by-product and its use is reserved for less noble applications than road foundation. However, when stabilised with cement, this sand has very interesting properties and can be used or many purposes. It has already been used experimentally for the foundations of various sections of the A8 motorway. Before envisaging a more extensive use, it has been decided, by agreement with the services of the Walloon Ministry of Equipment and Transport, to carry out an in-depth study specifically designed to determine the durability of such materials. In addition, a proposal has been put forward to compare sand foundations with conventional lean concrete foundations.

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