Flexural Stress Analysis of Rigid Pavements Using Nisa

Paper by PUTTAPPA VEERARAGAVAN from ISCR 9th 2004 Instanbul Turkey

Design of pavements involves a study of paving materials their behavior under loads, climatic conditions & the under lying sub grade reaction. For the present study an attempt has been made to propose an alternative method of design of rigid pavements using NISA package. 2-D plane strain and axisymmetric solid conditions are considered. The results of the Flexural stresses & the thickness are compared with the available classical results of Portland Cement Association method. The study shows a satisfactory agreement b/w the results of NISA with the conventional method of design. Hence it is suggested that NISA package can be readily used for the rigid pavement design. An illustrative example is presented and the results are given in the form of plots.

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