First Experimental Application of Deactivated Coloured Concrete in Belgian Road Construction

Paper by JASIENSKI from ISCR 7th 1994 Vienna Austria

Deactivated coloured concrete is characterized mainly by two factors: its colouring and its surface treatment. Colouring is achieved by using preferable coloured aggregates and admixing the mortar with a dye. The surface treatment consists of chemical aggregate exposure. A first major experiment in Belgium combining coloured concrete and chemical aggregate exposure was carried out in Ans near Liege. This paper describes the execution and reviews the various tests carried out on that occasion. The study bears on the characteristics of the newly laid concrete and its constituents as well as on the performance of the hardened concrete at different ages, with a view to analysing the long-term Lbehaviour of these pavements and the durability of their resistance to freezing and deicing salts.

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