Fine Filler and its Impact to a Cement Composite Life Cycle

Paper by KRATOCHVIL URBAN HAITMAROVA from ISCR 9th 2004 Instanbul Turkey

Development of new types concrete technology caused an increasing of concrete mixture production with a high proportion of fine filler in recent years. Fine filler is used to ensure required concrete mixture rheology qualities, which are needed to the concrete mixture storage into boarding. There are several materials can be used as the fine filler with the different initial features. Increase of the fine filler volume also influences on mechanicalphysical parameters of concrete. The influence should be studied because it definitely shapes the final product - concrete. The article presents concrete mixture and concrete test results produced with different types and portions of the fine filler (commonly used in the Central European Countries). The main objective of that measuring was to verify an influence of the used fine filler over a durability of concrete. Frost resistance measurements and measurements of resistance against water and chemical unfreezing stuff were realised.

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