Fibremix Concrete for Pavements Experimental Search for Maximum Crack-Free Slab Length

Paper by KRAMER CLEMENT from ISCR 12th 2014 Prague Czech Republic

Road constructions with fibremix concrete allow longer distances between joints, compared to unreinforced concrete pavements. In the absence of a dedicated design tool for fibremix concrete pavements, the search for a maximum crack-free slab length took place in several projects. Fibremix concrete has been used in parking areas near motorways, roundabouts, road crossing, bicycle paths and regional roads with slab lengths up to 80 m. The knowledge gained from these projects is related to the variation in day and night temperature during execution of the pavement. Pavements constructed in October and November, with less variation in temperature, still have crack-free joint distances of 80m. This paper describes the experiences with the several projects and recommends joint distances for different weather conditions and type of constructions.

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