Fiber-Reinforced Roller-Compacted Cement Concrete (Rollfiber) for Continuous Concrete Pavements

Paper by FICHEROULLE from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

The ROLLFIBER process consists of roller-compacted cement concrete reinforced with steel fibers. It enables you to build continuous pavements without any joints. To reach this level of performance, the fiber has to have what is known as total' anchorage, and its action is optimized by the use of a concrete mix with the following proportions: 280 kg of cement and around 110 liters of water per m 3 . The concrete is laid with a finisher, compacted with a vibrating roller, and then generally covered with a bituminous surface layer. ROLLFIBER's behavior has shown positive results in jobsites with heavy traffic. Furthermore, ROLLFIBER is very competitive when compared with conventional solutions using both cement concrete and asphalt layers.

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