Experimental and Theoretical Investigations on Concrete Pavements Under Critical Loadings

Paper by FOOS MÜLLER from ISCR 9th 2004 Instanbul Turkey

Experimental and theoretical investigations on deformations and stresses in concrete pavements subjected to realistic weathering conditions have been carried out. On large-size concrete slabs critical hygral and thermal loadings with boundary conditions corresponding to different field situations were simulated. The results of the experiments served to calibrate and to verify a numerical model, which has been developed in order to investigate the deformation, stress and cracking behaviour of concrete pavements. The major purpose of these investigations is to develop a new design method for unreinforced concrete slabs, which considers besides the effect of static and dynamic loads and the different supporting conditions of the slabs also the effect of production as well as weathering conditions. A major basis of the new design method is the application of realistic material laws taking into account the non-linear viscoelastic and fracture mechanical behaviour of concrete. This will contribute to the production of more durable concrete pavements.

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