Experiences with a slipform paver equipped with a dowel placing device

Paper by KLUGER from ISCR 5th 1986 Aachen Germany

On the basis of experience gained on the Wildon road construction section it can be stated that slipforming is technically superior to conventional concrete placing. This applies more particularly to the better flexural strength of the top-course and bottom-course concrete in the pavement slab, the better evenness (riding quality), the shorter development length of the concreting site and thus the lower susceptibility to defectq i~ pavement con~truction. and the possibility of protecting the finished slab with membrane curing compounds instead of sun awnings. The effect in terms of cost is slight and may vary according to the conditions on each particular site. The substantial saving in manpower costs is cancelled by the increased expenditure on plant and equipment and on the concrete mix employed. To sum up, it can be reported that, thanks to many years' experience in slipform concrete road construction and the special efforts of all persons concerned, the use of a big slipform paver in Austria has proved very successful. It is hoped that this will give a fresh impetus to concrete road construction in this country.

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