Experiences on Rigid Pavements in Cuban Airports

Paper by RODRIGUEZ from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

ratios between 1.0 and 1.25 to achieve the proper performance of the slabs designed. It is clear that thickness of slabs has to be properly designed according to the operations foreseen for the term of use. In the case of rehabilitations by way of overlapped layer, this has rendered a positive experience which led rehabilitated works to a very good operational status. In these cases: - Strain or defects during the period of operation have not shown up. - It is necessary to restore the pavement existing to have a better surface to place the leveling layer and it .dso contributes to the construction of the overlapped iyer. It is advisable to place the leveling layer because it helps construction. - The leveling layer makes the overlapped layer and the existing slab perform more independently. - Asphalt concrete used for the leveling layer most be highly stable.

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