Execution of Concrete Pavements with a Fixed Moulds System – the Experience of Portuguese Air Force

Paper by ANTUNES from ISCR 11th 2010 Seville Spain

Portuguese Air Force (PoAF) has, over the years, adopted the above mentioned solution for the construction of concrete pavements in their operational areas, considering this is the best suited technical and economical option to build and carry out aeronautical pavements in a successful way. Although this solution has higher initial costs, when compared with the option of flexible structures, it also shows great advantages in terms of life cycle and maintenance costs in the medium and long term. Thus, the PoAF currently manages a set of rigid pavements of approximately 2.7 million m2, distributed by the operating areas of all their air bases. Since its foundation, in 1982, GEAFA is the unit responsible for implementing this type of solution, choosing, from the beginning, the solution of fixed moulds against the most popular solution of sliding moulds. The main reason for this option is the understanding that the use of sliding moulds causes the edges of the slabs to slightly sink, with a loss of resistance and the occurrence of transversal irregularities not compatible with the operation of aircrafts.

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