Enlargement Works at the Airport of Liege (Belgium)

Paper by VAN DAR HAYDEN CRAMER JASIENSKI from ISCR 7th 1994 Vienna Austria

The airport of LiOge in Belgium has been the subject of major works for several yearjSince the country was regionalized a few years ago, the Wlloon Region has invested over 1,5 milliard Bel g ian francs. Several new buildings have already been constructed.rThe most spectacular wor, however,lTs the enlargement of the current apron. Work in progress involves a total area of 130,000 m 2 of pavement. The selected pavement type is 28 cm of continuously reinforced concrete. This paper discusses several stages of the works: - preliminary studies, from the geology of the site to the choice of the structure; specifications for the quality of the concrete pavement and mix design studies; - trial sections to determine the most appropriate position and distribution of reinforcing steejj

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