Enlargement of the Belgian Motorway E40 Brussels-Liege in Kortenberg

Paper by DE CONINCK DE BLAISER D'HUYVETTER DECOENE from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

The section Brussels-Louvain of the motorway E40 was constructed in 1971 with a pavement in continuous reinforced coticiete fui the tlnee tiaffic lanes and an asphalt pavellielli for the elulergency lane. tue to the increase of heavy traffic, the Flemish Government decided the construction in 1994 of a fourth traffic lane in reinforced concrete. The paper gives a description of the project, of the choosen concrete composition and details of the construction. The results of the tests on concrete and surface characteristics are added to the communication which ends with the observation of the actual behaviour of this section after three years of heavy traffic.

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