Emerging Materials In Concrete Airfield Pavements : Jeb S. Tingle

Mr. Jeb S. Tingle is a Senior Scientific Technical Manager and Program Manager in the Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory at the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Centre in Vicksburg, Mississippi.

Mr. Tingle routinely leads large multi-disciplinary teams to solve complex engineering problems and has 28 years of experience focused upon transportation research and development with an emphasis on full-scale pavement construction and testing.  His individual areas of expertise include soil stabilisation, aggregate roads, pavement design, pavement construction, and pavement evaluation.


  • Concrete Industry (Including Pavements) is Changing Rapidly
  • Alternative Material Solutions are Becoming the Norm
  • Specifications and Quality Control Measures Need to Be Updated
  • Increasing Demands for Specialised Pavements Like VTOL Pads Will Drive Change
  • Sustainability Will Force Industry and Agencies to Rethink Concrete Pavement Materials

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