Elimination of Ruts at Intersections by Means of An Inlay/Overlay Made of Steel Fibre Concrete

Paper by PETIT HENDRIKX from ISCR 8th 1998 Lisbon Portugal

To the North of Gent there is an important harbour and industrial zone. Because of the heavy traffic on the road connecting Gent and Zelzate (R4, section J. Kennedylaan), deep ruts have formed in the asphalt pavement, mainly at the junctions. In order to repair these ruts in a durable manner, several junctions have been reconstructed by applying a 22 cm thick layer of steel reinforced fibre concrete (30 kg/rn 3) with doweled joints every 5 iii. In fact, in these places this involved partly an inlay and partly an overlay. Because of the relatively small stretches of road involved, reconstruction with continuously reinforced concrete was not suitable and steel fibre concrete was used instead. This method of eliminating ruts in particularly sensitive places, such as at junctions with traffic lights, can certainly be citcd as a good example of durable restoration work.

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