Effects of Slags Produced in Turkey on Chloride Penetration of Concrete

Paper by UYAN Y?LD?R?M PEKMEZCI from ISCR 9th 2004 Instanbul Turkey

In this study, effects of slags widely used as mineral admixture in concrete industry on chloride penetration of concrete were investigated. Three different slags were used as replacement of cement (PC42.5) by weight of 25%, 50%, 75%. Setting test , determination of specific gravity, determination of specific surface were carried out on prepared binder specimens. Pozzolanic activity tests were carried out on slags according to TS 639 and ASTM C311 standards. Chloride penetration tests were applied at 7. and 28. days according to ASTM 1012-94 standard on the specimens. As the result, chloride ion penetration decrease with increase of slag replacement percentage for three types of slags. Durability of road or bridge concretes could be developed by using slag in concrete mixture.

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