Economic Analysis of Cement Fly Ash Bound Materials

Paper by VALE from ISCR 6th 1990

In order to design a cement bound mixture for use in base/sub-base pavement layers, it isusually re-quired to obtain a certain minimun strength value.Ifonly one type of binder isused, the problem hasonly one restriction and one variable, so, one onlysolution. However, if more binders are added tothe mixture, asit happens with cement/fly ash mix-tures, there are infinite valuable solutions to ob-tain the required strength value, and an economicanalysis is needed to achieve the lowest cost solu-tion. An economic analysis method is proposedfor cement/fly ash bound materials, and the re-sults of one case study are described. Conclusionstaken from this study were quite revealing in or-der to use the proposed method.

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