Early and Late Age Shrinkage of Concrete in Industrial Floors Design

Paper by BECKER CORALLO MANTEGNA from ISCR 12th 2014 Prague Czech Republic

For proper joint design, slabs size and slab thickness of concrete industrial floors, as well as other structures, it is necessary not only to know the final shrinkage of the concrete, but also the evolution over time for both long term and early shrinkage, and the relationship between these properties and the various proportioning parameters and curing of the concrete mix involved. Moreover, as in some other projects apart from concrete flooring, the concrete shrinkage value is limited to a maximum value, the influence of various types specific chemical admixtures to control this property, at different doses, is also studied. This work is concluded by correlating the long term and early age shrinkage with basic concrete composition parameters, curing conditions, presence of specific additives for this purpose and other properties which are easier to determine. Finally, in this paper, it is shown that knowledge of some other concrete properties is relevant for concrete floor designs, apart from specified 28 days compressive strength and slump. In addition, this work provides information about the possible solutions, from the concrete technology point of view, if final shrinkage value or its evolution over time are specified for a concrete mix.

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