Developments on the Modieslab Innovative Concrete Pavement Concept

Paper by HOUBEN POOT HUURMAN VAN DER KOOIJ from ISCR 10th 2006 Brussels Belgium

Modieslab, a recently developed innovative and settlement-free precast concrete pavement structure, with a twin-layer porous concrete wearing course, was tested for its functional and structural properties on two full scale test pavements. Some functional properties, e.g. noise reduction, were very satisfying, however the resistance to raveling and especially the skid resistance were inadequate. From a structural point of view, Modieslab is a very solid structure which appeared from both Accelerated Load Testing and Finite Element Analyses. The materials research concerns the porous concrete and in fact is still ongoing to optimize the material composition. Finally, some studies concerning the investment costs and maintenance costs of Modieslab, in comparison to alternative pavement structures for poor subsoil conditions, are summarized.

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