Development and Quality Control of Concrete Mixture Design for a Tunnel Pavement Application

Paper by TURGUT OKYAY AKKAYA ?INIKO?LU from ISCR 11th 2010 Seville Spain

In this study, properties of concrete used in a pavement construction in a tunneling project in Istanbul, are investigated. The properties of materials and mixture designs of the concrete are investigated by trial mixtures in the laboratory and ready mixed concrete plant. Fresh concrete properties such as workability, mechanical and permeability properties of the hardened concrete are measured. Cores are taken from the tunnel aplication to observe and compare the quality of the microstructure with the plant trials. It is observed that quality of the tunnel concrete mixture design can be tailored according to performance requirements with respect to required durability conditions. However tunnel concrete application is an important step in the insitu durability due to its effects on internal stability of concrete.

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