Determination of the Behavior of on Site Pavement Recycling with Cement

Paper by MINGUELA ORDEN CABRERA UNAMUNZAGA from ISCR 12th 2014 Prague Czech Republic

On site pavement recycling with cement is the most sustainable restoration technique, by means of which a degraded pavement is transformed into a consistent and more homogeneous structure, using the road as a source of aggregates. Both bearing capacity and homogeneity are therefore considerably improved. Due to the absence of research information, this paper characterizes the structural recycled material and determines its laws of behavior. To do this, one Spanish road was selected and recycled. The material was transported to the laboratory and underwent testing over a period of three years (more than 350 strength tests, many of these have dynamic variables) in order to obtain the following: ? Correlations between compressive strength at 7 day intervals, which is the usual control parameter on the work site, and long-term tensile and flexural strength. ? Fatigue characterization of recycled materials with cement. These results have been used to develop performance models, optimizing the structural design of pavements with cement-recycled layers. Using performance and behavior models, a catalogue of structural sections has been proposed.

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