Current Trends and Criteria For the Selection of Materials For Concrete Pavements

Paper by LIETO from ISCR 6th 1990

The object of this articleisto evaluate the influence of materials used in the construction of rigid pavements, and of the method of placing the con-crete on the final pavement quality.Using the results of laboratory tests and experi-ments taken from the available literature, the ut-most attention must be paid to the followingelements:- Characteristics of base and subbase materials.- Characteristics and composition of concreteused.- Method of pouring concrete and degree ofcompaction and vibration.- Type of reinforcement adopted.On the grounds of the results obtained from theresearches, this article concludes with somesuggestions of practical use about the criteria, tofollow in the selection of materials, the mixcompositions and the operative techniques for thepavement construction.

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