Critical views on the procedure for and assessment of concreteroad conditions (Results of an investigation carried out on behalf of the Ministry of Transport

Paper by SUSS from ISCR 5th 1986 Aachen Germany

The resu l.cs of a research project are reported in ,which a method for the visual surveying of the condition of concreee roads was developed. In collaboration with three Federal German States, the road maintenance procedure hitherto applied was examined. The furcher investigation comprised the development of data recording sheets suitable for practical use. For this purpose two standard forms were developed, one for a rough inspection and the other for a finely detailed inspection of the condition. These forms each contain l5 criteria characterizing the condition to be surveyed. The practical suitability of these forms was successfully tested on 53 motorway sections which had been reported as being in need or remedial attention. The criteria were first assessed on the forms - verbally or by means of measured values - and then expressed in "condition values" (points rating). Finally, a method of determiningan overall candi tian value was developed. An evaluation based on this procedure showed for the road sections under investigation that although individual slabs were urgently in need of some remedial action, the sections as a whole were in relatively good condition. To increase the dependability of the visually recorded data, it was attempted also to obtain measured values for the criteria. Because of unequal circumstances this attempt was not entirely successful. On the other hand it has emerged that additional technical measurements of the criteria characterizing the condition are essential, especially in connection with decisions on maintenance measures taking account of the causes of damage. In conclusion,attention is drawn to the need to establish values embodying the requirements to be fulfilled and to study the prognosis of how the condition of a road pavement will evolve.

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