Critical assessment of various construction techniques

Paper by PICHLER from ISCR 5th 1986 Aachen Germany

The long-term behaviour of various types of road pavement construction can be estimated or prognosticated from a methodical assessment of the condition of the roads and the associated data collection. Prognoses can be made not only with regard to technical cri teria, but also with regard to overall cost trends during the service life of the pavement. On the basis of methodical data collection in combination with an evaluation which yields prognoses for the long-term behaviour in respect of technical performance and cost, it is possible, by means of cost-benefit analyses , to identify and demarcate the scope for alternative forms of construction (asphalt road, concrète road). The calculation in each case starts from an overall economic basis which takes account of the costs devolving upon the road construction sponsoring authorities and the road users. The principle of minimizing the total cost is applied.

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