CRCP Slab Thickness, Not As Critical As You May Think : Moon Won

Moon Won gained his BSCE from Seoul National University, MS and Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Austin. He began his career at the Texas Department of Transportation, where he worked on roadway design, concrete materials and pavement for over 14 years. He was the Director of the Concrete Materials and Rigid Pavement Branch at the Construction Division, and in charge of concrete materials and rigid pavement construction specifications as well as design standards. Over the years, he has conducted numerous research projects on concrete pavement design, construction, and rehabilitation, which resulted in improvements in CRCP design method, design standards, and specifications. His teaching and research areas include concrete pavement design, materials, construction and rehabilitation.


  • Slab thickness is an important element for satisfactory CRCP performance.
  • However, it is not as dominant as theoretical models predict.
  • It is because there are other variables that affect CRCP performance as much as or even more than slab thickness.
  • The value of good quality control for materials and construction needs to be fully recognised.
    • Better specifications and inspection program

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