Construction of Concrete Roads in Agriculture Building Industry

Paper by GIERGICZNY PU?AK SOKO?OWSKI from ISCR 10th 2006 Brussels Belgium

From many decades concrete has been successively applied in road construction in many countries. The scale of these applications is different depending on local experience and tradition. Concrete pavement is many a time more profitable solution than bituminous pavements. It refers not only to the construction of motorways or express roads but also to local and agriculture roads production. Hereby article presents recent year experience in the realization of local and agriculture roads on the area of Southwestern Poland. There are two projects of concrete pavements construction in local areas with different technical levels. Moreover, proper selection of components and production of the pavement are described. The most common mistakes made during the construction of local concrete roads, as well as the ways of their correction or avoiding, have also been given some special attention in the paper.

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