Construction of Cement Concrete Pavement a Case Study

Paper by GUPTA from ISCR 10th 2006 Brussels Belgium

Construction of Cement Concrete Pavement on National Highways started in India during the year 1991 when Ministry of Surface Transport, Government of India, under took four laning of 112 Kms. long Delhi – Mathura Section of NH-2. Construction of Cement Concrete Pavement picked up in 1998 with the implementation of Mumbai – Pune Expressway Project and advent of National Highways Development Project of NHAI. A number of Projects involving execution of Cement Concrete Pavements are now under implementation in the country. Experience and expertise available in India to execute Cement Concrete Pavements needs to be shared with others to improve Speed and Quality of construction. It is with this objective that this paper is being written as a Case Study of Rigid Pavement executed on Belgaum–Maharashtra Border Road Project. The paper brings out highlights of execution of Rigid Pavement including Management of Plant & Equipments, Materials, Manpower, Quality Control and overall Logistics. It also attempts to bring out some of critical observations that were made during execution and after opening of pavement to traffic. Some of the causes of failure / defects of Cement Concrete Pavements have also been identified.

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