Constructing High Performance Concrete Pavements Using the FHWA Hiperpav Systems Analysis Software

Paper by RUIZ RASMUSSEN from ISCR 10th 2006 Brussels Belgium

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, HIPERPAV (HIgh PERformance concrete PAVing) is a software tool capable of predicting the early-age behavior of concrete pavements. HIPERPAV successfully integrates materials, pavement design, climate, and construction operations into an easy to use Windows-based software package. Using a systems approach, primary factors influencing concrete pavements are considered when predicting the strength and stresses during the first 72 hours after construction. HIPERPAV is currently being used by pavement planners, designers, and contractors – both public and private – across the United States and other countries. For planners, HIPERPAV is used to develop quality control specifications based on the available materials and climatic conditions in the region of construction. For designers, HIPERPAV optimizes pavement designs to guarantee long-term pavement performance. For contractors, HIPERPAV is used to minimize risks and to prevent expensive pavement repairs. Finally, HIPERPAV is used as a forensic analysis tool. Engineers are able to pinpoint the reasons behind pavement damage and/or poor pavement performance. A second generation of HIPERPAV was released in 2005, now termed HIPERPAV II, and includes enhanced models and new capabilities. This paper serves to present a brief history of the development, validation, and implementation of the HIPERPAV software to date.

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