Concrete Setis a Functional and Rational Technique

Paper by ROUSSEL GRISELIN from ISCR 6th 1990

The use of concrete setts in France has been growing for a decade, especially on urban roads. This technique, inspired by stone setts, but also by such precast concrete products as kerbs and gutters, very quickly generated needs: for design methods, for standardization of the product, for rules for use. Desde hace una década, los adoquines de hormigón vienen siendo cada vez más utilizados en Francia, en especial en las vias urbanas. Esta técnica, herencia por una parte de la de los adoquines de piedra, y por otra de la de los productos prefabricados de hormigón tales como bordillos y rigolas, ha generado rápidamente necesidades en cuanto a: Documents issued by the authorities and by industry appeared. The use of setts has spread to very different domains ranging from pedestrian crosswalks to motorway toll islands and including all uses relates to decoration or safety.

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