Concrete Roundabout Pavements (Nov 1987)

CCA Road Note 27 by Cement and Concrete Association

Roundabouts are being constructed to provide improved traffic facilities at a variety of intersections ranging from local collector/distributor roads to arterial roads and highways. They increase overall community amenity by reducing traffic speeds and accidents — by limiting the number of conflict points the potential for collisions is reduced and driving simplified. In northern New South Wales five Local Government authorities (at Ballina, Cotfs Harbour, Grafton, Lismore and Taree) have constructed ten roundabouts with concrete pavements during the last two years. Almost all of them have been completed with full or part funding and design by the Department of Main Roads. There roundabouts have been constructed in a variety of geometric layouts and under a range of requirements for maintenance of traffic flow during construction. This issue of Road Note provides an outline of the management of construction planning and execution which the Local Government engineers have successfully employed to meet these interesting and challenging requirements.

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