Concrete Road Pavement Value and Asset Preservation – ASCP Forum Sydney 10 Apr, 2019

Concrete Road Pavement Value and Asset Preservation - ASCP Forum Sydney 10 Apr, 2019

The modern concrete road pavement produces a high quality, heavy duty asset at low initial cost,
with low maintenance requirements, and with high performance properties.
There are many major concrete road pavements in NSW which are now reaching their design lives
and which have demonstrated high performance over that period. This forum will present concrete
road pavement value information and discuss pavement performance properties including ride, skid
resistance and low noise options.
Asset preservation interventions are required as assets age. Where pavement repairs are required,
the advances in rapid repair technologies enable such repairs to be carried out on concrete
pavements with minimum interruptions or delays to users. If required, modern diamond grinding
techniques can restore surface properties including skid resistance and surface ride quality, and can
provide low road/tyre noise qualities to a new or ageing surface.
As a pavement continues to age towards its design life consideration may be given to its eventual
replacement, especially where traffic loadings and frequencies have exceeded the original design
considerations. Rather than dispose of the remaining value in the existing asset, concrete overlay
options can provide very cost-efficient means to significantly extend the life of the asset and to
increase its load carrying capacity if required. These options can be completed in much shorter
construction times than full replacement, thus minimising road user delays

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